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St. Louis mom’s alternative to timeouts turns into multimillion-dollar business

Suzanne Tucker of Richmond Heights has gone global with a product close to her heart. It’s called the Time-In ToolKit.

ST. LOUIS — Parenting during a pandemic has its challenges, but there’s something that can help those with younger children thanks to a St. Louis mom. Her solution to timeouts is selling around the globe in more than 200 countries.

Suzanne Tucker of Richmond Heights has gone global with a product close to her heart. It’s called the Time-In ToolKit.

“I thought I was a really great mom with my first kid who turned out to be a really cooperative child. And then I got my strong-willed child, and timeouts were ineffective. They really left us in power struggles,” said Tucker.

So, she moved to time-ins – a way to help kids regulate and learn about their emotions. She saw the difference it made in her own home and wanted to help others ditch timeouts.

“Think about learning to walk. If you fall down, no one punishes you for those months of year. With social emotional skills, for some reasons as adults, when a child gets it wrong, we think we need to punish.”

4 years ago, she turned the time-in approach into a toolkit. She explained how she needed something in a box with instructions and a video and a community to hold my hand.

Turns out, parents all around the world really needed it, too. Today, she runs a multimillion-dollar company – Generation Mindful.

It’s more than about selling products in more than 200 countries. Although she offers an online parenting course, SnuggleBuddies stuffed animals, a book called Heart’s Treasure Hunt, Feelings Bingo and more, she hopes her company can help get rid of timeouts for good.

“And I think because timeouts were invented in the 1950s out of science from studying animals, it picked up, taught to adults and humans to ignore their child when they were not behaving the way they wanted because that’s what animals do.”

The Time-In ToolKit starts at $59 and includes things like posters for a calming corner, cards about feelings and an activity mat with calming strategies.

For more information, visit genmindful.com and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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