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Loyal to Local: Twig and Tarnish combines antiques, plants

Dana Muhlke really thinks outside the planter box when it comes to the antique containers.

ST. LOUIS — Kirkwood resident Dana Muhlke combined her love of antiques and plants and started Twig and Tarnish in January 2019.

She said, "I was putting all these antiques and plants everywhere in my house. Literally, my husband said, it was brimming in every corner, almost to the point where it was a hording situation."

So it was her husband's idea to turn her passion into a business.

She said, "He's like, these make great gifts, they are wonderful keepsakes. You're really upcycling something that would have been put in a basement or sold in flea market. You should sell these professionally."

Dana really thinks outside the planter box when it comes to the antique containers.

She said, "There's really a cool story behind each piece. I have a couple examples here. A small one, this one is in an old tin measuring cup. It has markings, adorable for a window sill. Another favorite is an old tin with typography on it. This one was for makeup, it had powder in it. I try to pick the colors of succulents to match antiques themselves. And this one is stunning, in an old industrial tool drawer. And what a fun way to repurpose something in wood."

Customers are also bringing their own containers.

She said, "A lot of people come to me with their own heirloom, something meaningful in their family. And I do professional planting if someone would bring me their own antique or vintage vessel."

You can custom order Twig and Tarnish on her website or find them in person at The Hill Antique Market, Warson Woods Antique Gallery, and just announced, Dierbergs.

“Dierbergs Markets are going to be carrying Twig and Tarnish in select floral departments starting with Des Peres, Chesterfield, and Brentwood,” she said.

Succulents require little miniatous so she finds they make the perfect fit for antique containers.

She said, "A lot of people ask that question, what about drain holes? And because you're only watering these every 2.5 to 3 weeks, they hold the integrity of the piece. I have found they are actually a match made in heaven."

For more information, visit the website and Instagram page.