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St. Louis singer lives out her passion on the stage during COVID-19

Music puts Laka in her happy place. She said being on the stage also brings a sense of comfort to those around her

ST. LOUIS — The recent surge in COVID-19 cases has local officials tightening restrictions in the St. Louis area.

It makes things tough for our local small business and on our local entertainers. If we can’t gather together, they have no one to entertain.

Laka is a local singer and her career has been riding a rollercoaster during the pandemic. Music puts her in her happy place.

“I’m enjoying what I’m doing,” she told 5 on Your Side, saying there’s nothing quite like performing. “It feels amazing.”

She first started getting that amazing feeling on Sundays.

“Since I could walk, in church they would have us singing,” Laka recalled.

Singing has been somewhat of a blessing for her during the pandemic.

“I’ve used it the same way I’ve used music my whole life as healing and dealing with challenging times.”

But the challenging times because of COVID-19 brought along some silence.

“There were no gigs. Usually my weekends are very busy,” she said.

She didn’t get to perform for months, and it all came at a time when her singing career was taking off.

“I thought about only working part-time for my day job because I was doing so well with music financially. And obviously the pandemic rolled around.”

When restrictions rolled back a few weeks ago, she was able to return to the stage and sing at a safe distance.

“Following the guidelines that are being recommended, wearing a mask, being socially distant,” she said.

But Laka was still close enough to give the audience the comfort that music gives her.

“Present and feeling good about what I’m doing. They can see that and they can feel that and it kinda rubs off. Think that’s what I give the most.”

The pandemic has actually given her a better appreciation for her gift.

“I’m living my passion when I’m on stage,” she said.

And it’s given her an appreciation of her independence.

“It taught me to really appreciate just having some time alone.”

But Laka also has a greater appreciation of the opportunity to entertain a crowded house.

“The audiences make the performances for me,” she said.

If you want to keep up with Laka and her career, she has more information on her website.

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