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'She has not had love for 10 years' | Senior dog finds forever home after being rescued from neglect

"We saw her picture and we just kinda knew, that’s the one"

ST. LOUIS — It is easy for people to lose hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But a little hound dog in Oakville is an example of how a little faith can make a big difference. She’s the happy-go-lucky dog in her neighborhood.

“You just smile when you see her,” said Shana Gerberding. 

Betty Faith is her name, and faith may be what brought her into the lives of Alex and Shana Gerberding. 

“I’d always hoped for a basset my whole life,” said Shana. “We saw her picture and we just kinda knew, that’s the one,” Alex added.

Faith in better days may have also helped the pup endure a tough beginning to her life. 

“The story really struck me, struck my heart,” said Shana. 

Betty Faith was one of 55 dogs trying to survive under poor conditions in Franklin County.

“Neglect and abuse,” said Debbie Hill with the Humane Society of Missouri.

The organization rescued all the dogs last fall. Hill told 5 On Side Betty Faith was in bad shape and had been used for breeding.

“She probably has produced multiple litters in her lifetime,” Hill said.

Betty Faith had to not only get better physically, but after a life with little interaction, she had to learn about humans. The trust in humans is now there for Betty Faith. 

“She thinks I hung the moon. And when a dog looks at you like that, it really just tugs at your heart strings,” said Alex. 

She’s had no issues with fitting into her new family. 

“She has done absolutely amazing,” Shana said.

They are cherishing the time they have with Betty Faith and intend on making her years to come count. 

“She has not had love for 10 years,” Shana said. “Every day we have with her is a little bit more precious than if she was younger.” 

Seeing a rescued pup finally enjoying life means everything to her rescuer. 

“Your heart just spills over, that is the best,” said Hill. 

“It’s been a lot of faith that’s gotten us through the past year. And we believe that it's through faith, that's what’s gonna get us to the other side,” said Shana. 

If you want to report animal cruelty in your area, you can call the Humane Society’s hotline at (314) 647-4400.

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