ST CHARLES, Mo. — Trio facing charges after sale of designer shoes leads to shootout in St. Charles

Three men are facing charges after the sale of designer shoes led to shots being fired in St. Charles over the weekend.

Around 2 p.m. on Dec. 7, Corey Stringer and Jasper Jones met Isiah Brooks on the street behind QuikTrip on First Capitol Drive with the intention of selling Brooks designer brand shoes. Stringer advertised the shoes on social media.

Stringer got out of his car, with a pistol in his pocket and approached Brooks who had sitting in the driver’s seat of his car. Stringer got into Brooks’ car with the intention of selling the designer shoes, according to court documents.

During the transaction, Brooks said to Stringer, “these me,” as he was holding a semi-automatic rifle and pointed it in Stringer’s face. As Stringer was wrestling with Brooks, Jones got out of his car and approached them with a semi-automatic rifle and realized the doors were locked. As Brooks drove away, Jones fired his rifle several times. Jones then got into his car and followed the car driven by Brooks along St. Charles Avenue.

Brooks drove for a little bit and then got out and started shooting at Jones. Brooks got back into his car and then stopped again in the area of 849 St. Charles. Jones stopped the car driven by Brooks at an angle with his car. He demanded he let Stringer out while pointing his semi-automatic rifle. Stringer quickly got out of the car and began running back to the car driven by Jones while pointing his semi-automatic rifle, court documents said. He then fired several shots down the street.

All three men are each facing one count of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. Brooks is also facing one count of first-degree robbery.

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