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Violent brawl breaks out inside Ferguson Walmart Tuesday night

"I just can't believe that video," said one Walmart shopper. "Innocent people could've been hurt."

FERGUSON, Mo. — Violent, loud and dangerous fights were all caught on camera inside a Ferguson Walmart Tuesday night. 

Ferguson police said multiple customers, men and mostly women, fought in the packed store's front entrance. 

They attacked each other with objects, threw glass items and sprayed fire extinguishers. 

"It's terrible and very disappointing," Frank McCall, Ferguson police chief, said. 

"We're not looking at little kids in the video," McCall said. "We're looking at young girls or adults in general."

McCall said shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday night they received a 911 call about a disturbance inside the store.

By the time officers arrived, the wild fights were over, and all culprits were gone.

"We've never had an incident that involved 20 individuals in a brawl like that in a department store," McCall said. "I don't see really the purpose of it."

In the video, which is blowing up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a woman carrying a baby, lots of kids and other scared shoppers ran as the violence broke out all around them.

Police believe those involved in the brawl know each other.

"We're not sure what started it," McCall said. "It probably kicked off inside the business or it could have on the parking lot."

"I also think there was a security officer at the store last night, but I'm not sure," McCall said. "Based on what we're looking at, he would've been outnumbered."

What is clear, stunned shoppers cannot stop talking about the crazy video.

"I just can't believe it...that's a shame," one shopper said. "They could have hit anyone, an innocent bystander."

"That makes me not want to shop here anymore," said another shopper.

Detectives are now reviewing every frame of the footage.

"We have identified individuals who had been involved in this and we're going to take steps necessary to ensure that justice is done," McCall said.

Police are asking witnesses to come forward.

A spokesperson for Walmart would only say "our customers' safety is our top priority."

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