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11-year-old girl finds parents dead from COVID-19 in St. Louis County home, neighbors say

Family members say both had tested positive for COVID-19 and were showing symptoms of the virus shortly before being found dead

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Along Glen Bay Drive in Mehlville, there are lots of heavy hearts.

"It's really a terrible, tragic thing," said Chuck Duy.

Duy cannot believe what happened to his neighbors.

St. Louis County police say last Thursday morning the husband and wife were found dead in their bed.

Police say both were in their 40s and both died of COVID-19.

"Supposedly she had gone to the hospital. They thought she had a stroke, but I guess it was due to COVID," Duy said.

Duy said he spoke with a family member of the south St. Louis County couple.

"She tested positive, but they sent her home and then her husband meanwhile was home with a positive test for COVID, so they both were quarantined downstairs in their bedroom in their basement," added Duy.

Neighbors also say the couple's 11-year-old daughter, their only child, made the tragic discovery.

"To lose both parents at one time you know for an 11-year-old, it's really tragic. Last year at Christmas time they came down to our door and gave us cookies. They were just the nicest people. We are praying for the girl and their family," said Duy.

Neighbors say the family moved into the neighborhood last August.

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Thursday that the next tier in its COVID-19 vaccine plan will open in the state on Monday, March 15.

Missouri's Phase 1B-Tier 3 will make the vaccine available to an additional 550,000 Missourians.

Gov. Parson said Tier 3 includes an important part of the state's population, including "workers in many of the industries we depend on to keep our everyday lives operating normally."

Phase 1B-Tier 3 focuses on vaccinating what the state classifies as its “critical infrastructure”. It includes teachers, childcare providers, grocery store employees and those who work in the food and agriculture industries.

Phase 1B-Tier 3 includes:

  • Education: Teachers, faculty and staff in public, private and nonprofit preK-12
  • Childcare: Faculty and staff in a DHSS or DSS-licensed facility providing basic care to children 
  • Communications sector: Employees at public, private or nonprofit organizations that provide communications services 
  • Dams sector: Employees at public, private or nonprofit organizations that provide services in the dams sector related to critical water retention and control services
  • Energy sector: Employees at public, private or nonprofit organizations that provide energy services, regardless of the energy source 
  • Food/Agriculture sector I: Employees of certain food production and processing facilities and related operations, prioritizing mass food production, distribution, transportation, wholesale and retail sales, including grocery and convenience stores where groceries are sold; includes veterinary services 
  • Government: Elected officials in any branch of government at the state, county and/or municipal levels required for the continuity of government; members of the judiciary at the federal, state and/or local levels required for the continuity of government; employees designated by the federal government that fall within the state’s vaccine allocation responsibilities; other designated government personnel required for the continuity of government. 
  • Information technology sector: Employees at public, private or nonprofit organizations that provide IT services
  • Nuclear reactors, materials and waste sector: Employees at public, private or nonprofit organizations that work in this sector
  • Transportation systems sector: Employees in the transportation systems sector including aviation, highway and motor carriers, maritime transportation systems, mass transit and passenger rail, pipeline systems, freight rail and postal shipping 
  • Water and wastewater systems sector: Employees at public, private and/or nonprofit organizations that provide drinking or wastewater services

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