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The parade for this St. Louis County preschool teacher who survived COVID-19 lasted 2 hours

"We are so grateful that we survived it"

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — For weeks now, 5 On Your Side has been following the story of the Weinhaus family. Several family members, including a preschool teacher, were infected with COVID-19.

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Friday morning, a parade of students and teachers from Congregation Temple Israel's preschool wound their way through the Weinhaus' Chesterfield neighborhood. 

Lisa Cohen, Jane Weinhaus' teaching partner, organized the surprise parade. 

"I'll tell you what, there's no child that that woman does not love. She is so affectionate. She is so loving. She is so caring," Cohen said in an interview with 5 On Your Side.

Most of these quarantine-style car parades are pretty fast, but the one for Mrs. Jane took nearly two hours.

As she waved and called out to every person inside every car that passed her house, Weinhaus' parade turned into more of a poster receiving line.

"I had to keep those posters," Weinhaus said Friday, "If a 6-year-old touched those or put a sticker on them, one little girl put sparkles on hers, I'm finding a home for those, that's for sure."

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Weinhaus has only been home from the hospital for a week, but nothing was holding her back Friday morning. 

"If you put me in a horizontal position, I could not even close my eyes," Weinhaus said with a smile. "I am that pumped up."

Even her husband Michael had to wrangle her in.

"I had to refrain her from getting too close," he said.

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Even from a distance, being together is nothing short of a miracle after what the Weinhaus family went through.

A few weeks ago, Jane was diagnosed with pneumonia and went to Missouri Baptist Hospital. She was tested for coronavirus and it came back positive. 

While all that was going on, Jane's husband Michael got sick.

"I got sick about three days after her," he told 5 On Your Side. "Ended up in the ICU as well with pneumonia and the coronavirus."

Michael recovered before Jane. She was put on a ventilator twice while in the hospital. Last week, she finally was well enough to come home.

"We are so grateful that we survived it."

Both are beyond grateful for the help and support they received.

"Never forget the healthcare workers, the doctors and the nurses risking their lives everyday to save ours. They are the real heroes."

Jane's advice for people fighting COVID-19: "I'd have to say with each day, everything is getting better, so just remain hopeful."

And at the end of Jane's parade, a sign that their battle with COVID-19 is coming to an end. 

"At the very end of the parade, I actually got my release from quarantine," Michael told 5 On Your Side. "I met all the requirements and I am good to go. Not that I have anywhere to go, but just getting that letter what a relief."

Now, the waiting continues for Jane's letter.

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