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MoDOT's I-270 North Project features changes at Route 367

The $278-million project renovates seven major interchanges along an 8-mile stretch of interstate.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — MoDOT's I-270 North Corridor Project will affect tens of thousands of lives in north St. Louis County.

In our series about that $278 million project, 5 On Your Side’s Alex Fees is outlining what it means for the seven major interchanges along that 8-mile stretch of Interstate 270.

MoDOT I-270 North Corridor Project Director Justin Wolf said Route 367 and Lindbergh Boulevard are the main interchanges along this stretch of interstate. From west to east, that stretch impacts Lindbergh, I-170, North Florissant, West Florissant, Halls Ferry, Route 367 and Bellefontaine.

Wolf said when I-270 was first constructed in the 1960s, not much thought was given to people who don't have cars. So, you will find some ADA design features in this construction – wide sidewalks next to the north-south routes that cross I-270 – designed to prevent I-270 from being a dividing line in north St. Louis County.

Wolf said I-270 has 140,000 vehicles a day traveling on it. Route 367 has more than 50,000 vehicles a day.

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“At the Route 367 interchange we have closed the southbound 367 to eastbound I-270 loop ramp. We've closed that so we can build earthwork in here to build this new ramp,” said Wolf.

“We are replacing this fill to build a ramp that's going to connect eastbound 270,” Wolf said while on location. “Ultimately, it's going to be a directional ramp from eastbound I-270 to northbound Route 367. So, we're replacing this fill which will get us over to Route 367. We're then going to build a bridge over 367, continue with the fill and build a bridge over I-270 and loop back into northbound Route 367.”

Wolf said the 270-367 interchange construction result will be similar to Page Avenue and I-270 in Maryland Heights.

5 On Your Side’s next installment of the I-270 North Corridor Project series will focus on changes along another major interchange along the route – Lindbergh Boulevard.

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