ST. LOUIS — If a coach could build his or her ideal basketball player, Chaminade sophomore Tarris Reed Jr. would be it.

“I’m just energetic, love saying 'Hey,' just nice to everyone,” Reed Jr. said.

“He’s solid academically, he’s a great teammate, high character kid,” head coach Frank Bennett said.

On the court, he’s a different animal. 

“On the court, try to be a monster, attack the rim, try to be a monster on the boards,” said Reed Jr.

When he’s not taking you to school in the paint with his fundamentals. He’s taking a step back and showing off that smooth stroke, which is unreal for a player who’s 6-foot-8.

“Tarris is a load, he can score down low, he’s very physical and to be honest with you he’s just scratching the surface which is really exciting,” said Bennett with a smile.  

And Reed Jr. isn’t lacking any motivation. Every day he’s reminded of those who came before him, like David Lee, Bradley Beal, Jayson Tatum and so on, letting him know where he wants to be one day.

“They set the bar very high for us, we just try to reach that goal, reach the goal and try to be better than them,” said Reed Jr.

“He has the foundations of someone who’s a power-five guy so I’m looking forward to seeing him get there,” said Bennett.

He already has offers from schools like Kansas State, SLU and Nebraska, Bennett said. But in the meantime, he’ll just continue to:

“Just put on for my team, as hard as I can on the court, give it my all,” said Reed Jr.

Chaminade is known for its basketball factory, and with guys like Beal, Tatum, and now Luke Kasubke paving the way, expect to see Tarris Reed Jr. on their level soon.

That’s why he’s this week’s someone you oughta' know.

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