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'It was insane' | Augusta residents recall seeing powerful EF-1 tornado

The National Weather Service wrapped up its survey and said the tornado that touched down in Augusta, Missouri, was an EF-1, with peak winds of 100 mph.

AUGUSTA, Mo. — We are getting our first look at the damage after an EF-1 tornado touched down in Augusta, Missouri, Tuesday night.

"We just started looking for everything that was missing," said Sherry Overschmidt.

If you were to ride up the hill to the Overschmidts' home, you would notice something's off.

Their usually-pristine estate now has everything out of place.

"On the right, that's the roof from the shed," said Sherry Overschmidt.

Tuesday night, a tornado whirled by their Augusta home, making sun-rooms out of tool sheds and leaving the Overschmidts running inside for cover.

"I was just like now you understand why people get hurt there's not a lot of time," said Dave Overschmidt. 

His neighbor Greg Bley knows just what he's talking about. He snapped some pictures as the twister twirled in his direction.

"It went right up my hill and right at our house and I took that last one and you could see it coming up and the trees were snapping and shooting into the air and when I saw that I was like wow this is not good," Bley said.

"By the time I took the third photo, I thought maybe this was a poor choice," said Bley.

Bley is a St. Louis firefighter who calls Augusta home.

He said everything you may have heard about tornadoes — from the calm before the storm to the sound of it — is all true.

"The roar of it was deafening, absolutely crazy. The house shook and it was pretty intense," he said.

And while the storm left trees snapped in half and homes in disarray for anyone in its path, they're just grateful they lived through it.

"Very lucky, because it was all around us and how it missed our house and us, I have no idea," Sherry said.

"Don't wanna see another one," Dave added.

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