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St. Louisans enjoy first big snow of 2022 winter season

Some said it was a tradition to go out, while others say it was a big stress reliever after dealing with the pandemic.

ST. LOUIS — On the ground and on top of cars, white flakes were just about everywhere in St. Louis on Saturday.

Whether it was a little dust or a few inches, families said the first big pour of the winter season is what got many of them out of the house. 

“We listened to the first kid wake up everybody. Scream ‘snow' and then give everybody else about two hours to find all the things and go with the program." 

The snow is highly anticipated inside Dunn’s household.

"The kids all went outside at home before we came out here. They built a snowman and a bunch of snowballs and we're just having a blast."

In Forest Park at Art Hill, families sled and built snowmen.

"Art Hill is legendary. When I was a kid I used to come here. My parents used to take me sledding,” said Jamal Parram.

Parram took the opportunity to tie in the tradition with his own little ones for the first time.

“I knew soon as we got a lil' taste of snow, I was going to bring the family out," he said.

After another long and tense year, others say there's no better way to let loose.

Many said they were out to wind down from an intense year brought on by the ongoing pandemic.

"It's been fun just to get out and hang out a little bit,” said Ryan O’Neil, who was out with his two sons.

Safety experts urge people to wear warm clothing and have the proper gear when out enjoying the snow.