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Loyal to Local: LoKey Designs

LoKey Designs sells home décor and arrangements based around plants.

ST. LOUIS — Many have spent more time indoors due to COVID-19, and a lot of people are trying to make their space as comforting and cozy as possible. This local business can help with that.

LoKey Designs sells home décor and arrangements based around plants. Laura Dooley started LoKey Designs about five years ago when she was looking for low maintenance plants and home décor for her own home.

Before the pandemic hit, Dooley taught private and public planting classes a few times a month, which was a huge part of her business.

Like many local businesses, LoKey Designs had to pivot. “A lot of different things that COVID kind of kept me from doing actually helped me to build my business in a better way, I feel like, for the future,” said Dooley.

She is now offering DIY Succulent Kits, which can be shipped anywhere in the United States. The included step-by-step instructions will show you how to handle and properly plant your selected succulent, decorate with natural materials, and take you through how to water your arrangement.

If you have a hard time keeping houseplants alive, she makes it easy through her Zoom consultations. “Somebody might have a question about their plants in their home. So, we’ll do a little tour of their house, look at their plants, I’ll talk about solutions for how to care for their plants.”

The business also offers custom orders. “I’ll have tons of people that will show me photos of places in their home. And they’re looking for very specific types of arrangements or plants that need a little light or, you know, different variables. And I can work with them to get something custom made just for them, just for that space and for their home.”

For more information and to shop online, visit lokeydesigns.com.

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