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'This is purely out of helping people' | St. Louis teacher helps sign up eligible people for COVID-19 vaccine

Grobe has helped more than 170 eligible people register for a vaccine appointment.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — St. Louis COVID-19 survivor Mary Grobe has secured immunity and now she's on a mission to give others a shot.

"I love helping people, this is purely out of helping people," Grobe said. 

Grobe has helped over 170 eligible people register for a vaccine appointment.

She said the process can be complicated.

"It's just hard for them to navigate how to do it. For some people, I have been on the phone with them. I am either calling people or helping people pre-register. If I see an appointment, I am sending the link to sign up or they talk to me on the phone and I get the appointment set up for them," she said.

She's ready to sign up more people for St. Louis County's mass vaccination event Saturday at UMSL's Millennium Student Center.

"We expect to administer about 2,200 doses of COVID-19 vaccine at this event. Reservations for this event are required," County Executive Dr. Sam Page said.

No walks up are available.

To sign up for Saturday's event, go to the state's vaccine website on Thursday.

Click on the 'REGISTER NOW' button.

Anyone who registers will be considered based on eligibility, and you don't have to live in St. Louis County to sign up.

Those who are offered appointments will get an email with instructions.

"Depending on demand, which we anticipate will be extremely high, it is a possibility that some people who have signed up for St. Louis County may be offered reservations on Saturday," Dr. Page said. 

St. Louis County already has a COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration website.

If you've already signed up there, you may have a chance to get in on Saturday's event, that's if all spaces don't fill up.

So what's recommended?

To sign up both on the county and state's website.

If you're already signed up on the county one, sign up on the state one, too, for the upcoming event.

A county spokesperson said you should sign up in as many possible systems, but do not take up more than one appointment.

Grobe agrees.

"You need to register at the state level, you need to register local level, any hospitals, there are so many entities that you need to register with," Grobe explained.

Her best advice? To continuously check to see if there are any open slots.

"I know it's a cumbersome process. Just keep at it folks, you'll eventually get through," she said. 

The event at UMSL is from 9 a.m to 7 p.m. or until supplies run out.

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