ST. LOUIS — A new center focused on the wellness of Saint Louis University students' mental health and well being opens on Tuesday.

The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being will have its grand opening at 5 p.m. at 3693 Forest Park Avenue. The center will provide training programs, workshops and other support services. 

It will also have the Wellness Agora, a wellness center offering more than 20 services designed to manage stress and promote relaxation. The services including a cryosauna, and infrared sauna and a salt room.

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According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, more than 60% of college students have overwhelming anxiety and 40% feel depressed and have difficulty functioning.

"We live in challenging times and are faced with problems like skyrocketing rates of mental illness, substance abuse, and despair deaths," said Dr. Kevin Cloninger, Executive Director of the Anthropedia Foundation in a press release. 

"Students are at particularly high risk. The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being will address the urgent need for student stress reduction and wellness promotion by fostering a community of health, and providing at-risk students with sustainable wellness interventions."

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