ST. LOUIS — It wouldn't be a big Blues event without an appearance from Laila Anderson, right? The Blues inspirational superfan played the role of reporter at All-Star Media Day, asking the stars the hard-hitting questions.

She saved the biggest ones for her two friends, Alex Pietrangelo and Jordan Binnington.

She grilled Pietrangelo first.

Laila: "What is the last thing you've watched on Netflix?"

Pietrangelo: "I don't have Netflix!"

LA: "Well what's the last thing you watched on TV?"

AP: "I was watching Peppa Pig before I left. You probably watched that not that long ago."

LA: "So baseball players have an up to bat song. If the NHL did that, what would your song be?"

AP: "Probably 'Parachute' by Chris Stapleton. Good question."

The never-nervous Binnington was next up for Laila.

LA: "If you could star in one movie, which movie would you star in?"

Watch: Laila Anderson interviews Alex Pietrangelo and Jordan Binnington at All-Star Media day

Jordan Binnington: "I'd probably be the leader in 'Never Back Down'. It's good. It's like an MMA fighting. You should take a watch. Maybe in a couple years."

LA: "So baseball players have an up to bat song. If the NHL did that, what would your song be?"

JB: "That's a good question. Maybe 'Pony'. Who sings that? Ginuwine?"

LA: "Do agree with me that Colton Parayko is the nicest human ever?"

JB: "Yeah, he's the best human ever. He's a guy you'd let date your sister. He's a great human. You know that."

"Thanks for your time."

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