SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A bald eagle was rescued after being hit by a car on an interstate in Springfield Wednesday morning.

Illinois State Police found the eagle along I-55 near milepost 105. Troopers said the eagle suffered head, wing and foot injuries.

She was taken to the Illinois Raptor Center for treatment. The center said she had a large amount of lead in her blood that could have slowed her down, making her unable to get out of the way of the car fast enough.

They said they hope she will be able to recover, but they never make any promises. They said she could have internal bleeding or brain damage that they don’t know about yet.

They have been giving her pain medication and working on keeping her calm while trying to get her to eat and drink.

“We hope very much to see her flying in Super Flight in the very near future!” the center said on Facebook.

Currently, the center has five bald eagles in their wildlife hospital.

District 9 and Illinois Conservation Police responded to an injured ... Bald Eagle on I-55 at milepost 105. The Eagle appeared to have head, wing, and foot injuries. CPO Snodgrass and Tpr. Marrie assisted the Eagle and were able to get it into a cage for transport to the Illinois Raptor Center in Decatur where it's expected to make a full recovery!