ST. LOUIS — Ingredients:

1 cracked egg

1tbl spoon corn starch

Dice meat of choice, ham, chicken, beef or all the above

Diced green and white onions


Salt and pepper to taste. Be generous with the seasoning


Mix ingredients all in a bowl.

Fry in vegetable oil at 325 degrees.

Try to form a patty when you slowly put in the hot oil. Use a ladle to do it.

Form the sandwich. Mayo on the bread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles onions. Salt and pepper the mayo after spreading it on the bread.

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ST. LOUIS - Turns out, St. Louis has some really good sandwiches. Six area spots made Food Network's list of 'best sandwiches in America.' The list was released at the beginning of 2020 and includes 98 restaurants across the country. Click here for the full list Gioia's famous hot salami made the list.

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